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The Most Simple and Powerful Way

to secure your website

Threat Data Analytics

Don't just keep an eye on just traffic to your website, track dangerous activities towards your website.

Dark web protection

Installing Webguard would protect you from users of the dark web.

Multi Level security

Webguard protects you against all of OWASP's Top-10 vulnerabilities and more.Webguard is setting an industry standard for the definition of a secure site.

Block Hack Attempts

Flaws in website code can leave you open to attack. We filter traffic and strengthen your website by blocking malicious traffic and attacks.

Stop Brute Force

Every website gets hit with automated hacker tools. If your login credentials are guessed, attackers can easily abuse your site.

Signature Detection

Our solution uses heuristic and signature-based techniques. Incoming traffic is sanitized before reaching your website. If we detect malicious patterns matching an attack, we block it before it ever reaches your website.

Identify Threat Actors

Easily Identify and track threat actors. You can see browser signatures of attackers, IP, GPS location and type of attack.

Easy Management

With a simple but highly effective design, Webguard allows you to easily turn security functions on and off with absolute ease.

We have reduced the learning curve of a very powerful system to just the Click of a button.


Our analytics engine provides accurate Intelligence to help you understand your visitors and their intentions

Proven Technology

We have lots of clients that can testify to how effective and secure Webguard is.


We provide a safety net over your business, making sure you don't fall victim to any cyber attacks.

Easy Customization

Like legos everything can be catered to your needs, with just a click; you can cook up your own custom Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Central Monitoring

Threat data is periodically sent to TAISE to provide an oversight and help upgrade your systems to provide regularly updated rules.

Real time monitoring is also available for our Enterprise Clients.

Support & FAQ’s

We provide support for all our plans, you can call or WhatsApp us on +233-574-55-09-79 24/7, email INFO@TAISE.TECH or simply use the Chat to talk to us.

Choose your Plan

Simple pricing. no hidden charges. Choose a plan fits your needs.


Billed monthly


  • Real time data

  • Support response time 2-8 hours

  • Insights

  • Malware Scanning

  • Early upgrades

  • Alerts

Small Medium Enterprise

Billed Bi-anually.


  • Real time data

  • Support response time 1-5 hours

  • Insights

  • Malware Scanning

  • Early upgrades

  • Alerts


Billed anually.


  • Real time data

  • Support 30 minutes - 1 hour

  • Insights

  • Malware Scanning

  • Early upgrades

  • Alerts